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    Cat gets stuck in bed

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Cats are liquid


    Cats are liquid

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    Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel compared the brain scans of new moms, new straight dads, and new gay dads. They found that the gay dads developed brain patterns that resemble both mothers and fathers.

    Use that the next time someone says “What about the kids?” to oppose marriage equality and/or gay parents raising children. 

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    i finally did a screen cap redraw WOW

    my majora’s mask replay is making me really hopeful for this game to be remastered.  it has an incredibly cinematic feel, so much emotion, and it carries all that while handicapped by the N64’s 20th century graphics capabilities.  though MM is usually considered OoT’s kid sibling, in terms of pathos, storytelling, depth, and character, i believe it is the superior game.

    the kafei/anju quest is an emotional roller coaster.  i wanted to redraw this particular shot because anju’s posture looks so tired and defeated; i was immediately struck by it when i first saw the scene.

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